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Airbags and repair of Airbag Modules at wholesale prices

We supply used airbags, repair airbag computers and install airbags in the Dallas, Ft Worth Texas area. We are a network of salvage yards with over 150,000 tested and guaranteed quality airbags. We sell air bags for all makes and models to body shops, rebuilders, used car lots and the general public at below wholesale prices.

We have been selling airbags since 1999 and installing airbags since 2004. We only sell never deployed, non flood original factory airbags. All airbags and modules are tested and guaranteed. We supply the vin number from the car the airbags came from on every receipt for customers who need to pass the DMV inspection. We also can provide a front and back copy of title for Mass DMV inspection. We sell airbags to all 50 states and Canada. All makes and models both cars and trucks.

Airbag Components we sell

  • Steering Wheel Airbags
  • Dash Airbags
  • Roof / Curtain Airbags
  • Seat Airbags
  • Knee Airbags
  • Pre-tension Seatbelts
  • Dash Panels
  • Airbag Modules / Computers / Derms

Airbags Today

Today, air bags are more sophisticated and costly to replace. With safety standards and regulations mandated by the Government, cars and trucks are safer than ever before. Airbags now detect the weight of occupant and calculate the speed of the vehicle to determine how hard or soft the airbag deploys. The airbags of today are multi stage airbags and operate and deploy in milliseconds.

Airbag Installation Tips

**** Warning ***** Although airbags are simply bolt and plug in to install, you must take safety precautions when installing. If you are not familiar with airbags and how to install, please have a professional airbag company, body shop or dealer install. Airbags can cause serious injury so feel free to call us if you have any questions about installing airbags.

We always disconnect the battery; wear rubber gloves to avoid static electricity. We also put masking tape over connectors to shield.

We buy air bagsWe repair blown airbag modules